What happens next- The Intake Process

Center for Mindful Psychotherapy's Intake Team is made up of several CMP clinicians who have been trained to support you in finding a great therapist match. All Intake Coordinators work together to make the process as smooth as possible. You will likely be contacted by several Intake Coordinators throughout the process. We will attempt to reach you up to 3 times in order to respond to your inquiry. If we have not been able to make contact with you or establish next steps at that point, then we invite you to call or email us back to reestablish contact. We do this because sometimes folks change their minds, move on, or find a therapist through a different route. We want to respect your privacy. As was stated in the form, please be aware that we will identify ourselves as Center for Mindful Psychotherapy in emails and voice messages that we leave for you. It is best that you give us a phone number and email address that you do not share with others or use for work purposes.

Center for Mindful Psychotherapy's Intake Team is constantly refining our processes to make connecting to the right therapist as easy as possible. We'd love to get your feedback. Thanks for reaching out to CMP!

We look forward to being in contact with you.

-The Intake Team

Lead Intake Coordinator Madelyn Fish

Lead Intake Coordinator
Madelyn Fish


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