When one Family Member Suffers, the Whole Family Feels it

Family conflict, and even individual struggles, can be best understood and healed in the context of the whole family system. When something’s going on with one family member, the whole system feels it. Additionally, the whole system is plays a part in the suffering and is crucial for the healing process. While your family’s needs are unique, common goals of family therapy can be to improve communication, coping skills, collaboration and problem solving, and to enhance connection to each other. Whether your family is big or small, blended or nuclear, biological or not, we are here to support you through the struggle.

At CMP we work with a diverse range of families and a wide range of issues. We are committed to supporting you and your family in finding your way through challenges and creating a harmonious family life. Family therapy can help you find stable ground in relationships by identifying toxic patterns and creating healthier ones and creating a greater sense of respect and acceptance for each family member’s uniqueness.

Family Therapy can be an important resource if you and your family are navigating any of these common challenges:

  • Communication issues

  • Blending families / Step Parenting

  • Adjusting to a new living situation

  • Addiction & recovery

  • Misunderstanding and arguing

  • Gender expression or transition

  • Changing family roles and rules

  • Bullying

  • Sibling relationships

  • Parent - Child relationships

  • Life transitions / coping with change

  • Housing issues

  • Traumatic events

  • Grief and loss

  • Divorce

  • Change of guardianship

  • Intergenerational trauma

  • Financial Stress

  • Racism and Oppression


Our therapists are trained to use a combination of the following approaches to address your Family’s unique needs.

  • Intersectional Feminist Theory

  • Art Therapy

  • Humanistic/Client-Centered

  • Somatic Psychology

  • Gestalt

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Narrative Therapy

  • Liberation Psychology

  • Harm Reduction

  • EFT Therapy (Emotional Focused Therapy)

  • Psychobiological - PACT (Stan Tatkin)

  • Psycho-Physical Therapy (Bill Bowen)

  • Attachment Theory

  • Relational Therapy

  • Trauma-informed practices

  • Transgenerational/Ancestral Work

  • Psychodynamic