Colette Mercier

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #113237
Supervised by Shirley Bar Dvir , LMFT # 44258

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Life can be overwhelming, painful, confusing and more. You might feel anxious, alone and that you don’t know what you need. You have a sense that your stuck, dark and scary places do not define you. Maybe you’ve tried being what someone else wanted you to be. There’s a glimmer of hope that you can feel better. It’s vulnerable to reach out for support but it is also courageous.

Resilience is what makes us bounce back when faced with difficult emotions, stuck behaviors and nearly impossible life circumstances. We all have it. I am particularly skilled at helping people access their resilience. Together we uncover your strengths and transform your blocks. I work with individuals and couples. My style is warm, grounded and accepting. I bring a lifetime of dedication to my own healing when working with my clients. Psychotherapy and good friends have saved my life, more than once.

I work with caregivers, new parents, pregnancy and postpartum. I have been a helping professional since 1998. As a Licensed Midwife, I have delivered over 400 babies, providing holistic prenatal, birth and postpartum care.

Support is crucial to those of us called to serve others. Burning out and compassion fatigue are common. I support caregivers to find healthy ways to serve while nourishing themselves.

Pregnancy and new parenthood are dynamic, provocative times, ripe for growth. The motivation to create a loving space for a child is a wonderful reason to seek therapy.


CMP office is located in:

San Francisco


Contact Info:



I work with:

  • Individuals

  • Couples


  • POC

  • New Parents

  • Helping Professionals

Areas of focus Include:

  • Trauma

  • Anxiety

  • Pregnancy/Prenatal/Postpartum

  • Sexual Assault / Abuse

  • Compassion Fatigue

  • Vicarious Trauma

Treatment Approaches

  • Attachment

  • Somatic

  • Transpersonal

  • Hakomi

  • Gestalt

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